Web conferencing and webinars

Hold web conferences for up to 30 presenters and run webinars for 1000+ attendees. Enagage your audience with collaboration tools: interactive whiteboards, breakout and virtual rooms. 

Up to 30 presenters

Collaborate with your colleagues and students from anywhere in the world using web conferences for up to 30 presenters.

Automated webinars

Create an automated webinar using your previous event recording or create it from scratch in the editor. You can add chat messages, adjust timing, create your perfect event scenario, and set up a schedule.

Virtual rooms

Let your participants choose their own characters, move around the virtual space, and talk to each other. Host meetings, business conferences, workshops, and other other events with active interaction of participants.

Instant recordings

Forget waiting for recording processing and download or share your event recording in 5-10 minutes after its end.

All is browser-based

Webinars and video conferencing are available directly from the browser of your device (Chrome or Safari), no need to download any app.

Breakout rooms

Divide participants into groups using breakout rooms where they can get to know each other and work on the team tasks in small groups. You can divide participants randomly or by your own preference. Switch between rooms to check on the participants.

Statistics and analytics

Create event registration forms and collect data about your participants. Get to know your audience and measure engagement with statistics and analytics.

Various recording formats

Decide on what to include into your event recording: presenters’ video, chat messages, presentation slides, screen sharing, notes, etc. You can switch from one recording format to another during your webcast.

Upload and display files 

Show different media files to your participants: presentations, documents, images, video, and audio. Uploading and processing of files takes only a few seconds.

Screen sharing

Open any program on your computer and share the screen with your participants. You no longer need to install browser extensions.

Access restriction

Set up a password, approve or decline participation requests, or allow access only for the specific list of users. You can block spammers during an event. 

 Let any attendeeto join your webcast

Presenter status allows you to invite any participant to broadcast without a sign-up, to share screen, or show presentation slides. 

 Various webinar room display modes

Change the way your event room looks depending on the tasks. You can switch from one mode to another during your event.

Highlight a specific presenter

Let your attendees focus on the most important parts of the event by highlighting presenters.

Make sales duringyour event

Create sales buttons and launch them at your event any time by switching to the necessary display mode.

Customize your events

Customize landing pages of your events using your own design. Choose a style, fonts, colors, and images to create a positive visual image for your audience.

Draw on your slides 

Drawing tools allow you or your attendees to highlight or to add specific elements on your presentation slides or pictures. 

API for developersand integration

Our API is intended for developers and allows you to deploy a webinar room right on your own website. You can create, edit, and delete webinar rooms within your site.

Conduct pollsat your online events

Create thematic tests and polls for your attendees. Collect and share the answers of your audience to stimulate activity and involvement.

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